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Eco-friendly cat toy

Is there a way to make a pyramid shaped toy for your cat, and do a good deed for the environment, at the same time? In this article, we will make an eco-friendly cat toy, utilizing the plastic pieces of trash that we came across and don’t know how to get rid of.  The idea for this craft came from the Big Green Challenge I accepted on my online Ding Dong journey. It seems that my cats are quite fond of these cute pyramid shaped toys, as well as YOUR furry friends! After uploading the IGTV tutorial I did on...

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How to reuse a plastic bag : Felt ornaments

In this article, you will find two brilliant ideas that when combined, create the perfect construction! An easy Christmas ornament A clever way to reuse a plastic bag and avoid environmental pollution The backstory : I came up with this idea a long time ago. In my attempt to get rid of every single-use plastic item and all the plastic bags that have already been in the house longer than I have. But the thing was that I didn’t want to use them or throw them away, so this idea came to me: I could squeeze them into every creation possible,...

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