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Flower press – Preorder


TheA Shiny Day flower press is here! Pre-order now.

Date of dispatch : 25 of January
Estimated delivery time in Greece : 1-3 days
Estimated delivery time outside Greece : 1-3 days

Materials : Wood, recycled cardboard, rice paper, metal
The flower press has 5 levels

Not sure what “pre-order” means? We got you! Read below.


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About A Shiny Day’s flower press :

A flower press is a romantic way to recollect moments and to extend a flower’s life. Alexandra has been drying flowers and leaves that have sprouted up on her way for several years. Either because she wants to remember a place, or because a flower on her porch has completed its cycle of life and she wishes to maintain its beauty forever. Apart from the magical power the flower press holds, it is also a very practical way to dry flowers for our crafts.

The first A Shiny Day flower press was created in April 2018. To date, Alexandra has been testing and using the press itself to make sure she has a good, useful and practical tool in her hands. On the journey to creating the perfect flower press according to A Shiny Day, this particular flower press is a blueprint. A first trial we would like to share with you, to tell us your opinion. That’s the reason behind the small production (less than 40 pieces), the low symbolic price and the pre-order.

What does pre-order mean?

To minimize literal and energy waste, we decided to refine each flower press after pre-ordering. This means that each pre-order is a request. Once the requests are completed and the pre-order phase is done, we will refine the flower presses, put them in their boxes and send them to their new owners on Monday, January 25th.

Why use a flower press?

While we can dry flowers just by using a book, the flower press is a more proper tool. With the flower press, the plants are properly ventilated, pressed all over their surface with the same force and…our books stay intact after avoiding the humidity of the plants.

How was the A Shiny Day flower press made?

The first edition of the A Shiny Day flower press was made in a technical works and typography studio in New Heraklion, Athens. The inner part of the flower press was assembled by the A Shiny Day team.

How is the A Shiny Day flower press used?

  1. Unscrew the wingnuts from the bolts at the 4 corners of the press
  2. Remove the wood
  3. Between each pair of cardboard, there is a pair of rice paper. Place the plants you wish to dry between the rice papers.
  4. Place plants in any level of the press you want, so that several plants are dried at the same time.
  5. Replace the outer wood in place and tighten the bolts.
  6. Forget about the press for a few days. Each plant has a different drying time. It can be from 2 days to 15 days depending on the season.
  7. After the days are over, carefully open the press and enjoy the impressive results!
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