Green power : Protein smoothie with spirulina (vegan)

It’s delicious, I swear!
In this article, I share with you the recipe for a very popular smoothie that will transform you into a strong superhero in no time. Okay, slight exaggeration, but you got the point.
My partner loves this hyper-smoothie and drinks it every day after his workout, but it also works perfectly as breakfast since it’s super invigorating and antioxidant.

Why drink this smoothie?

  1. Because it’s delicious and has a beautiful color
  2. Because it’s rich in protein
  3. Why it has SO many vitamins (such as A, B and D)
  4. Because it has antioxidant properties

Ingredients for 1 smoothie :

Instructions :

Mix all the ingredients in the blender until you achieve a homogeneous mixture. Pour the smoothie in a glass and enjoy with a metal straw.

When to I drink this smoothie?

  1. In the morning instead of breakfast
  2. After breakfast, instead of a snack
  3. After working out

When NOT to drink this smoothie?

I’d say not before bed…If you exercise late in the afternoon, then you can skip Maca, to avoid insomnia. Maca is very stimulating and may give you extra energy that you don’t necessarily need at 8pm. Unless you’re an owl, like my friend Natasha.

So what do you think? Will you try it?

See you soon!


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