Eco-friendly and non-toxic body care routine

I have wanted to write this article for a long time and I think now is the perfect time to share with you my eco-friendly and less toxic body care routine.

The backstory :

In my overall effort for a more sustainable and non-toxic lifestyle, I notice that the first changes I made were in the way I take care of my body. Mainly because I quickly realized the direct impact that cosmetics have on our health. Of course, my sensitive skin helped a lot in this, because somewhat reflexively, it reacts to anything toxic.

Therefore, my first doubts were formed when every face moisturizer I would try, would cause small allergic reactions. My doubts grew bigger, when I noticed my lips getting too irritated with every lipstick I used.

Now, I have come to the point where I second-guess most cosmetic brands and research a product like crazy before using it on my body. I have become skeptical and suspicious and I think that is how every consumer out there should be. Knowing that if a product smells like bubble gum, well-it’s not organic!

In this journey, I got my biggest help from an app that I have on my phone. With this application, I scan the ingredients of each product and it gives an indication of whether it is toxic or not.

Eco-friendly and non-toxic body care routine

I will try to share with you all the deets on my body care routine. I strive for this routine to be the least toxic for my health, but also for the environment. Staying true to my routine, I feel that I am doing something good for myself and the environment.

In the shower :
  1. Shampoo :
    I use a herbal, solid bar shampoo that comes in a paper wrapper. The first time I tried it, I was afraid my hair would become harsh, but the exact opposite happened. This shampoo is non-toxic, low waste and cleans my hair thoroughly and gently. I have loved it and I recommend it to all my friends!
  2. Shower gel :
    In this case, the market offers more options when it comes to shower gels. Of course, there is green soap and a lot of natural soaps from independent producers that we could find in various markets. I use an activated charcoal soap that cleanses and detoxifies the skin in depth. I use it to on both my body and face.
  3. Body moisturizing :
    To hydrate my body, I use the one and only, the unique and super-fragrant coconut oil. It’s moisturizing, cheap and it smells perfect! If you don’t like the smell of coconut, you can use spatho oil (which is also miraculous) or almond oil (both fragrance-free). I prefer to get organic coconut oil from sustainable companies.
  4. Deodorant :
    Conventional deodorants are one of the most toxic products we can use on our bodies. They are full of heavy metals that are absorbed by the lymph nodes in the armpit. If you decide to remove this toxic habit from your daily life, it’s important that you follow a specific procedure. In the beginning, it’s important to stop using the conventional deodorant and not use anything on the area for a while. This part of the body needs to detox. To deal with the stench, wash regularly and add salt or soda. After 2-4 weeks, the area is ready to receive the new pure deodorant. Of course, one can skip this detox period, but in my opinion it’s an important process. Two very good deodorants I use are thisand this.
  5. Toothpaste :
    In terms of their toxicity, there are many options. There are many brands that have toothpastes with as few toxins as possible. In stores with organic products or homeopathic pharmacies, you can find various options. Most of them, however, come in a plastic tube. And what do we do with the empty tube next? At home, we use thistoothpaste that comes in a glass jar that is wrapped in a paper package. It certainly doesn’t have the well-known intense and hot feeling of mint, but I don’t necessarily consider it bad. By changing my habits towards sustainability, I get acquainted and learn to love the milder and softer, natural tastes and smells.
  6. Toothbrush :
    As mentioned in a previous article, when I used a wooden toothbrush I got stomatitis. For some time now I have been using a starch toothbrush that is biodegradable and things are going fine!
Beautification :
  1. Hair brushing :
    I use a wooden brush that I have had since I was…11 years old? I have painted it, it’s in perfect condition and will last for many more years!
  2. Hair cream :
    Of course, there have been times in the past when I used hair cream. Now, I do not use any hair cream. I take care of my hair by using a good shampoo, avoiding heat (hair dryers, irons, etc.) and my diet. An alternative to hair creams is to put a little coconut oil or olive oil on our hands (as if we want to moisturize them) and then gently comb through our hair. Best way to avoid frizz.
  3. Nail painting :
    Me and painted nails (hand or foot) don’t go well together. In the past, in order to stop teasing my cuticles, I would often try painting my nails. But because I use my hands constantly, no nail polish has ever managed to stay intact on my nails for more than 40 minutes. I’m being serious! That’s why I gave up on the idea of having painted nails!
    I admit that painted nails may be elegant, but did you know that nail polish is the most toxic product you can put on your body? Yes to clean-cut nail, NO to super-toxic nail polish. And if we can’t do without painted nails, let’s try painting them less frequently. What’s the reason for painted nails during winter? Think of your nails!
Face :
  1. Face cleanser :
    I wash my face with the same soap that I wash my body with. In general, it’s best to choose solid soaps and instead of liquid ones. And if you prefer liquid soaps, let it be at least in a glass jar, which is very rare, unfortunately, in the Greek market.
  2. Face moisturizer :
    My biggest secret! I haven’t used a conventional moisturizer for several years. And in the past, every time I tried a new moisturizer, no matter how natural it said it was, I got pimples. So I made my own moisturizer by mixing coconut oil, shea butter, spatula oil, vitamin E and jojoba (vegan) oil. This is a very good moisturizing trick but the same product can be used as a make-up remover too! Recently, two of my good friends let me try their wax salve to moisturize my face and the truth is that I am quite impressed with both the quality and the feel.
  3. Facial exfoliation :
    I have quite thin skin on my face so I need gentle exfoliation. I recently discovered thisbiodegradable natural water-activated sponge. So far, it’s been helpful.
  4. Makeup :
    I will probably need to make this category a separate article because it’s a hefty chapter. Of course, in the past, I would do my makeup normally. I never contoured but I did use different products. Now, I only use 1 natural product on my lips and cheeks. I don’t use concealer, eye pencil or mascara, just that. And if my eyes look a little tired one day, then fine. I will look tired that day. It’s okay to look normal. The non-toxic natural product I use is made from beetroot. It is essentially a beetroot tint that gives my skin a healthy color without burdening it with toxins. In my closet, I also have a black eye pencil and a mascara that I apply 2-3 times a year, but not more than that.
    Important note : If you have lipstick ον, please take it off before eating anything!
  5. Makeup remover :
    For the 3 times a year that I will use eye pencil, I remove it as follows :
    I apply the balm I mentioned above, rub gently and wipe with my cotton washable disks.
  6. Lip balm :
    I have quite sensitive lips. Every autumn and spring, or depending on my mood, they get dry and start peeling. What helps me is the balm I mentioned above and the wax salve. I apply them during the day and mostly at night before going to bed. In the latter case, I apply a generous amount and in the morning my lips are soft as a baby’s. I do a gentle exfoliation and within three days they have recovered. In any case, dry lips mean lack of hydration and use of a bad product (eg lipstick) so it’s good to listen to the signs that our own body gives us.
Sunscreen :

After many experiments, many tests and research, I found the most natural sunscreen that comes in a metal box and it works! It has only 4 ingredients and after scanning it on my app, I found out that it really isn’t non-toxic! I ordered it, tried it and it really protects the skin. Don’t worrt that it’s only SPF25, you know that SPF50 is a lie, right? It’s this one.

The best trick is nutrition :

The best habit I have in relation to my body care is good nutrition. To have soft skin and hair, I drink a lot of water, I eat avocado which is very moisturizing, I eat honey, I eat a lot of fruits and I eat turmeric. To have shiny nails, I eat a lot of nuts. Everything we eat is reflected on our skin. . And, if we eat wholesome nutritious food, it will show on our skin! That’s why it’s good to take care of ourselves from the inside out!

Changing our habits :

The moment we decide to change a habit, we don’t throw away the products we already use. This immediately creates waste for the environment. If we get an allergic reaction to a product and need to replace it immediately, we find a friend who wants to use it until it is finished. Otherwise, we use it until it’s finished and then carefully throw it away. Ideally, we find another use for the container. Next time, we find a more environmentally friendly and non-toxic alternative to this product.

I hope this article gave you inspiration!
I will be glad to hear your opinion!

See you soon,

Notes on the article :
  • If I haven’t mentioned something, it means that I don’t use it. But you can always ask me to help you find a more sustainable and non-toxic alternative!
  • Whatever I mentioned, I mentioned it as my own, personal experiences and not as advice. I am not a doctor, a beautician or a chemist. But I do my research, I try and I take notes. And I tried to share with you my own habits. Habits that I try to improve every day.
  • It may be helpful to note that none of what I suggest is sponsored. I link products for you to check out what I use. If you have something any better suggestions, I will be glad to hear them!


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