Eco-friendly cat toy

Is there a way to make a pyramid shaped toy for your cat, and do a good deed for the environment, at the same time? In this article, we will make an eco-friendly cat toy, utilizing the plastic pieces of trash that we came across and don’t know how to get rid of. 

The idea for this craft came from the Big Green Challenge I accepted on my online Ding Dong journey. It seems that my cats are quite fond of these cute pyramid shaped toys, as well as YOUR furry friends! After uploading the IGTV tutorial I did on this little craft, you have already filled my dms with your own wonderful creations! Hooray!

The backstory : 

Needless to say that, a single plastic bag (and all its offsprings), a common object in modern civilization, has the potential to transform into my worst nightmares. When I come across a plastic bag, my imagination takes me to a polar place where thousands of angry wolves are prey on me, sensing my vulnerability through visual cues, in a matter of seconds. That’s why, any plastic bag that I own from years ago, or I end up with, without my consent, is kept in the farthest corner of the house, a corner where the sun never rises. In fact, I have 2 large bins in which I store plastic trash and bags that aren’t recyclable, in order to reuse them. What plastic trash did I use?

  • Tofu packaging 
  • Packages from online orders, where my polite note that goes something like this: “Please do not use plastic wrap in my order”, was ignored
  • Handicraft material packaging that I receive from my suppliers

So far, this is the best way I can think of in order to reuse any plastic trash we stumble upon. Like this article, where we made little christmas ornaments filled with plastic bags. This time, we take the shape a step forward, make it cuter and give it to our cats. I guarantee you, they will go nuts! No other toy has ever made them go so crazy. Maybe they’re environmentally conscious. Maybe there is a secret treat hidden in the center. I choose the latter. This game will excite even the most spritiless cat (Birbilo, I’m looking at you!), since it’s small, boisterous and harbors a little secret inside.

Let’s get started!

You will need :
  1. Synthetic felt sheets in the color of your choice
  2. Pom-poms
  3. Thick thread
  4. A needle
  5. A pair of scissors
  6. Plastic garbage
  7. Treats/ cat food
  8. A piece of ribbon/ rope at least 1 meter long
Instructions : 
  1. Draw and cut 4 equilateral triangles. Each side of the triangle is 8 cm.

  2. Take the 2 triangles and sew 2 sides together.

  3. Once you sew the first 2 sides, take the third triangle and sew one side of it to the first triangle. Continue with the remaining triangle.
  4. Essentially, 1 of the 4 triangles is our base. On this base, sew the remaining triangles.
  5. Once we sew the 3 triangles on the base-triangle, sew the sides of the top triangles together, leaving one side open to insert the garbage.
  6. Cut up the plastic garbage you want to use and insert them into the pyramid, until it’s puffy.
  7. Insert 1 cat treat into the pyramid. I recommend placing the delicacy someplace for the smell to emerge easily. If the delicacy is overlaid with the plastic garbage, then it’s the perfect bait!
  8. Sew the last side of the pyramid.
  9. If you want, add pom-poms or fringes to the 3 tops of the pyramid. The 4th top is for the ribbon.
  10. Sew the ribbon/ rope to the 4th and last top of the pyramid. This is the ribbon you wiggle to lure your cat into playing!

Hooray! The pyramid toy is ready! You can make it in all sorts of colors and sizes, depending on the taste of your cat, of course.

What do you think? Will you try it? Drive your fur kids crazy with this pyramid-shaped toy. It’s already approved by my cats!

Important note :

In order for your cat to get playin’, you have to sell it! Don’t expect to throw the toy at their feet and for them to get excited! You have to earn their interest, entice them with the smell and make them want to chase the toy! In fact, spending some time playing with your cat will relax you too. I have established a daily playing session with my cats, after breakfast. I lie on the carpet and play with them in the sun.

So what do you think? Will you try it?

See you soon,

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