Dyeing wooden beads with avocados (yes, you read right!)

The heavenly pink shades produced by avocado pits can be used to dye not just cotton fabrics, but also wooden beads! This conclusion is a product of my 7am experiments with avocados…

The backstory :

As you may have noticed in thisarticle, you can dye any natural fabric with just the pits and the peel of an avocado. How cool is that?! One day while I was experimenting with cotton and linen fabrics, I decided to take it to the next level.
Since I can dye any natural material like cotton, I can dye unprocessed wood too, right? Duh!
I first tried to paint a piece of wood that has been sitting on the terrace for ages, and I saw that the color was absorbed immediately and the wood turned pinkish red. Mission accomplished! That’s when I started the process of dyeing wooden beads. And now you can too!

You will need :

  • Unprocessed wooden beads in various sizes.
    How to know if they’re unprocessed : You will be able to see water marks on the wood, they won’t be polished and they will have a matte texture. You can also ask the employee of the store you go to, for assistance! Just to be sure.
  • Avocado dye! Click hereto see how to make your own.
  • A container
  • A piece of cloth / kitchen paper

Pick the beads you want to dye and put them in a special container.
It’s best if you don’t use kitchenware. Instead, use an old tupperware, or a broken tumbler, so you can execute your experimentation stress-free!

Pour the avocado dye into the special container. I used some from a previous dyeing session that I had kept in the fridge.

Let the wooden beads sit in the dye for as much as you need, depending on the color intensity you’re trying to achieve. The longer the beads sit in the dye, the darker the color.
Another great idea is to add many beads in the dye and just take some out every 30 minutes! This way you will achieve SO many shades of pink.

In this yin-yang inspired picture, you can see an unprocessed bead on an avocado-dyed cotton fabric, and an avocado-dyed bead (after sitting in the dye for 24 hours) on an unprocessed cotton fabric. Isn’t that an impressive use of symbolism?

And now that we’re done dyed wooden beads, what?
We make our own jewellery! Stay tuned to learn how to craft your own beaded necklace or the cutest keychain you’ve ever seen!

See you soon,


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