Naturally dyed net bags

Net bags are an easy and stylish way to avoid plastic bags while shopping. You can always carry them with you since they don’t take up space and fill them with fruits and vegetables. In summer they can turn into the perfect bag since they are light and cool. Net bags are even more special when dyed with natural colors.

By utilizing the colors that some plants and foods lavishly offer us, we can give character to any net bag. Did you know that net bags are also called mesh bags? That’s what our grandmothers called them.


I tried to dye three nets made from organic cotton and the result was beautiful!

I dyed the first bag with avocado, the second with turmeric and the third with black beans.

In the following articles, you can see the instructions to make your own natural colors from these foods.

Natural dye from avocado

Natural dye from turmeric

Natural dye from black beans

When the hours passed and it was time to dry the nets, I spread them on a wall with no sun to dry. After 2 hours…they were ready!

So what do you think? Will you try to paint your own bags with natural colors?

See you soon,

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