Avocado dyed pink pillows

I dyed two decorative pillows using an avocado.

No, you didn’t read that wrong. I actually dyed two decorative pillows using an avocado. In fact, I decorated them with small tassels made of thread that I had also dyed with avocado too.

Those of you that have been in the company of A Shiny Day, you may have realized that avocados are a part of my life. I love them very much because they are an important element of my vegetarian diet and after enjoying one, I can give the most beautiful pink dye to any fabric, using only its peels and seed. The definition of a circular economy, so to speak.

As a matter of fact, I love avocados so much that :

  • If I was still in school, I would doodle “ALEXANDRA + AVOCADO = L.F.E” in all of my notebooks.
  • If it were socially acceptable, I would elope with the most ripe avocado I have in my kitchen right now and disappear from the Western world once and for all.
  • If my life was a romantic 10s comedy set in New York, I would organize a flash mob in Times Square, as a heartfelt grand gesture to show my avocado how much I love it.

But because I have accepted that none of this will happen in the near future, I found ways to incorporate avocados into anything I can, edible or not. That way, I will never have to part with them again.

Do you find this a bit excessive? I mean… a green fruit can dye any natural fabric pink. You don’t see that everyday!

Meanwhile, my experiments with avocado pink have been underway for some time now. You may remember some of them :

  1. Dyeing wooden beads with avocados (yes, you read right!)
  2. Dyeing clothes & fabrics with avocado

In this article, I share the idea that indeed, with just an avocado seed, you can dye your clothes and decorative elements for your space.
Spoiler: I will show you the quilt case that I have dyed with avocado seeds very soon.

Shall we? Let’s get started!

Step 1 : Painting the pillowcases

You will need :

  • Cotton pillowcases
  • Avocado dye

Instructions :

Υou can find out in this article,  how to dye any cotton fabric with avocado seeds and peels.

Once the pillowcases are ready and oh-so-rosy, you can add the decorative tassels, in whatever color you want. I used a tassel that I had previously dyed with avocado.

Step 2 : Dyeing the knitting thread with avocado

You will need :

  • Cotton or woolen knitting yarn
  • Avocado dye

Εκτέλεση :

In this article you can see how to dye yarn / thread with avocado seeds. The technique is exactly the same. Once the thread is colored and dry, you are ready to make the tassels for the pillows.

Step 3 : Creating the decorative tassels

In this article, you can see how you can make decorative tassels in no time, using a book and scissors. If you prefer not to use a book, you can use a piece of cardboard, sa I usually do.

Step 4 : Decorating the pillow with the tassels

You will need :

  • A pillowcase
  • 4 decorative tassels
  • A needle with such a size that it goes through the thread that holds the tassels

Instructions :

  1. Pass one end of the thread to the needle
  2. Put the needle in the corner of the pillow, on one side.
  3. Pass the thread, remove the needle and leave the thread loose for the time being.
  4. Repeat on the other side.
  5. Turn the pillowcase upside down and tie the two pieces of thread you just needled.

It’s THAT simple! If the process for these tassels seems complicated for you, you can make them even simpler, like these ones :

My pillowcases are ready and I am so pleased with the result! These rosy pillows give a very earthy and sweet tone to my space, and who doesn’t like that?

My cats have appreciated this addition as well.

So, what do you think? Will you try it?

See you soon,

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