Let’s reduce the use of plastic: What’s in my ECO bag

This article is my version of a “what’s in my bag” video/article that most bloggers do, but make it ECO! Alternative title : What’s in my ECO bag.

Really, what do you need to carry in your bag for a sustainable lifestyle away from home or on a trip?

Ecology and caring for the environment, require organization and dedication. If you’re organized enough, you can take care of the environment and your health at the same time.
In my constant efforts to live sustainably, I noticed that my bag always carries some staple items. I also noticed that, many of my friends want to take care of the environment but often find it difficult because they aren’t organized. They end up getting a plastic straw for their coffee or a plastic water bottle, not because they don’t care (I hope), but out of lack of organization … in their bag!

So I thought it would be very helpful to share with you 5 + 1 items I always have with me, because ecology is a way of life!

But…what type of bag?

Sustainability means honesty from start to finish, therefore the bag I use is sustainable and ethically made. What does that mean?

The backstory :

(The following is a non sponsored mini analysis) I had been looking for a proper backpack for a long time. When working away from the office / home, I carry a lot of weight and that’s why I needed a good, anatomical backpack. But what happens with all those fast-fashion brands and their cheap-cheapy options? Yes, you buy a bag for 19.90, but you can’t use it for more than15 days before it tears. Oh and did I mention, that a little girl from Bangladesh made it (sorry, but it’s true)?

Well, my bag has morals.

And it’s made from an award-winning material in 2018, and from 31% recycled nylon.
(I’m almost proud)

It’s Fjallraven (a word I recently managed to read: fial-raven). You may know the brand, but I’m not sure if you know how ethical and sustainable this brand is. You can read here about the process of choosing their materials and hereabout how they produce their products. If your first thought is that it is expensive, think again. Truth is, throwaway culture has conditioned us into settling for cheap and the ephemeral options. Maybe it would be an interesting topic to discuss in another article, about whether it’s better to buy 15 bags in 10 years with 19.90 each or just one bag that will be more expensive, but will last 10 years.


My bag has is ethical and carries all the weight of the day, but also some small sustainable details, which are easy to add in your own bag!

What you need to have in your bag to avoid disposable plastic :

  1. A stainless steel reusable water bottle. Glass will do too, but during summer metal stainless steel is the best solution, because it keeps the water / juice / tea cold.
  2. I always have a net and a canvas bag with me, in case I need to carry something or give something to someone.
  3. A bamboocase and wheatstraws. I don’t drink coffee, so straws aren’t vital for me. I usually carry them for juices, or to give them to the person I am with so that they don’t use a plastic straw.
  4. Compostable-biodegradable bags. These are starch bags that biodegrate within 3-5 months (unlike the 300 years for plastic bags). I always have 2-3 in my bag for any garbage on the street or anything else.
  5. Cloth pouchesfor nuts and snacks. There’s no way I can leave the house without having something to eat along the way. I always have nuts or breadsticks in cotton bags or in special cases (made of silicone or tupperware) with me, to snack on. And if I want to buy something, I ask the employee to put in the canvas bag I have with me.
  6. Non-toxic sunscreenin metal packaging! I don’t always have this in my bag, but it is necessary during the summer months! 😉

I hope with these 5 + 1 tips on what to have in your bag to stay organized and to reduce disposable plastic, will give you inspiration and help you organize your own bag.

See you soon,

* The last photos were taken by Odysseus in Paris. My joy is obvious, but seeing myself in a cardigan while it’s 35 degrees is painful.


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