How to decorate a plastic flower pot using a cotton rope

There’s an easy way to turn a boring plastic flower pot into a beautiful home pot using a cotton rope!

I’m sure you know all about the love I have for plants by now, and you certainly know that I take care of a lot, here at home. Many plants mean many transplants and many transplants mean many plastic pots.

When it comes to plants and home decor, I’m always looking for a beautiful pot, a clay pot, a knitted basket in which I can put the plants. At some point, I exhausted all of my options. Concrete pot, clay pot, glass pot, pot that is basket pot that is bowl. But what about all those plastic pots waiting on the balcony? I buy or find new pots and the plastic pots not only stay, but multiply.

I thought I should find a way to use them. I painted some with eco-friendly colors and the truth is that the result was quite good. But I wanted something better. So, I thought I would wrap a plastic pot with a thick cotton rope. I liked the result very much, and as I do with anything I like very much, I intend to cover the whole house with different variations of a cotton rope.

I made two pots, one in the rope’s natural color and one in which I put a rope dyed with the color created with avocado seeds.

To create the first pot you will need :
  1. 4 m. cotton rope *
  2. A small pot
  3. Silicone glue
  4. A piece of paper
  5. A marker
Instructions :

  1. Place the pot on the piece of paper and outline its base with the marker.
  2. Take the rope and start making a spiral. Glue constantly with the silicone glue.
  3. Once you reach the size of the circle you outlined, place the pot on the base.
  4. Continue to glue going up.
  5. Once you reach the end of the pot, glue the edge with silicone and cut the excess rope. I chose not to reach the end of the pot and leave a strip with the terracotta color of the pot.

Our first, simple pot is ready!

How about we try to make a striped one too?
We will use cotton rope in its natural color and cotton rope dyed with avocado seeds. Read this article to find out how to dye your own cotton rope.

For the second pot you will need :
  1. 5 m. cotton rope in natural color with a diameter of 4mm
  2. 5 m. avocado dyed cotton rope with a 4mm diameter
  3. 30 cm. 10mm diameter cotton rope
  4. Silicone glue
  5. A medium-sized pot
How to decorate the pot with the two rope colors :
  1. Using the silicone glue, glue the ends of the two ropes on the pot.
  2. Start wrapping the double rope around the flowerpot and stick the ropes to the flowerpot little by little.
  3. In order for both rows of rope to stick well, first glue the white one (picture 2) and then the pink one (picture 3)
  4. Continue in a motion going up. I stopped with the pink just above the middle of the pot. In the end, I glued the end of the rope.
  5. At the top of the pot (ie at the rim) I added the thick piece of rope that I had cut (30 cm)
    I first glued a point, and then glued the whole rope around the rim.
  6. On the edge, I made a thick knot. Then, I opened the spiral of the rope to create beautiful fringes
  7. And because detail is key, I added another row of thin rope at the top, so that the black pot is not visible at all.

Our striped flower pot is also ready!

Reason to try this craft :
  1. It’s super easy
  2. It’s inexpensive
  3. You reuse a plastic flower pot, instead of throwing it away.
  4. The result is lovely!

* I found the rope in a Greek craftsmanship that produces 100% cotton and linen ropes and yarns

So, what do you think? Will you try it?
See you soon,

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