Furoshiki : A guide to zero waste gift wrapping

I’m so excited for this article, because I’m going to be sharing something that I love! Using a square piece of fabric, we can beautifully wrap our Christmas presents and skip the unnecessary waste that single-use wrapping paper creates. This Japanese technique is called Furoshiki and is the zero waste way to wrap our gifts without making a single rubbish. Because wrapping with less doesn’t have to mean less beautiful-or less fun!

By mastering this technique, you will be able to wrap everything! No matter their shape or size.
You can wrap a box, a book, a bottle of wine and anything else you can think of. The only thing that you have to do is pick a nice piece of fabric and practice the art of…folding!

After offering furoshiki wrapped present, the fabric can be reused in another craft.

Ways to reuse the fabric :

For the furoshiki you will need :

A square piece of fabric

In the following instructions, the pieces of fabric are sized 50×50 cm, but you can adjust the size of the fabric depending on the size of the item you want to wrap.

If you use remnants from an old fabric, sew the edges, so that the fabric doesn’t fray. You can skip this step for a “wilder” texture.

In case you don’t have any short of fabric lying around and don’t want to buy any, you can always use a square kitchen towel that you haven’t used in ages.

The technique :

Yay! The present is ready and you hold the title of the sexiest wrapping wizard alive!

If you think about it, wrapping paper barely has a purpose. After some time, no matter how shiny and cute it is, it ends up in the garbage. (why is this getting real?) And even if you unwrap your present as carefully as a doctor performing open heart surgery, one thing’s for sure. It will eventually end up in the garbage can (with all your hopes and dreams).

I don’t even want to think about how much wrapping paper ends up in the garbage every year during Christmas and the toll it has on Earth.

Apart from the ecological aspect of this technique, the final result can actually be very impressive and it’s super easy. Just find a square fabric that you like, or cut a bigger one into a square and wrap your presents with the Furoshiki technique. Just take a look at the step-by-step guide below.

Here’s how to wrap a book with a gorgeous yellow fabric :

Tada! Another present is ready!

And even if you want to wrap a cute small item, you can wrap it furoshiki-style and add a little decorative branch from one of your plants to make it even cuter!

Another day, another present finished! Hooray! Imagine how excited your loved ones will be when they receive these presents.

Finally, besides this stunning wrapping, you know what would be more valuable? Making the actual present yourself! Take a chance, DIY it and I’m sure you’ll succeed!

See you soon,

Watch the video below for 10 items you can wrap Furoshiki-style :


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