I decorated an old pair of jeans with beads (and you can too!)

Ever since I was a kid, I loved wearingweird, funny-looking clothingitems! I even enjoyed having little ornaments hanging from them. I still remember my favorite sweater: It was pink and little knitted cherries were hanging from the sleeves. I also remember that pair of fringed beaded jeans that I wore to my birthday party in elementary school. Wait a minute! Do any of these examples remind you of your last Instagram search? You know, the one about the latest fashion trends?

The backstory :

If you happen to be familiar with my content for a while now, you know this by now : I REALLY like revamping my clothes. I love purging what I don’t wear, and realign the clothes I like into outfits I want to wear, when wearing outfits is a thing again. The idea of turning a boring garment into an impressive, or at least more interesting piece of clothing, fascinates me! In my opinion, each clothing piece holds great value and more often than not, has a quite intriguing story to tell.

That’s why it’s crucial to maintain them over time. And sometimes, we don’t need to try THAT hard to achieve that. For instance, I added beads to one of my old jeans and turned them into the ultimate oh-so-sexy pair!

And it’s super easy too!

You will need :
  • An old pair of jeans. I recommend straight leg cropped ankle jeans to highlight the beaded embellishment.
  • A beaded weave. In total, you will need 60 cm of weave, but it depends on the width of the hem. Before buying the weave, measure the width of your jean’s hem.
  • Pins to tack the weave down.
  • A sewing machine. If you don’t own one, you can sew the weave by hand.
  • A pair of scissors.

At this point, you may be wondering: Where can I find a beaded weave?

I will be honest. It is not easy. I embarked on the search for beaded weaves several months ago, until I found a store that sells them at a reasonable price. I suggest you take a look at a local shop that sells sewing supplies and accessories.

How to :
  1. After measuring how much weave is needed for each hem, pin the cut piece of weave down.

  2. Sew the weave, on the sewing machine or by hand. Remember to secure the edges of the weave to avoid the instance of it unraveling while you wear the jeans.
  3. Sew both hems.

  4. Aaaand… You’re done! You can now wear your revamped pair of jeans and strut around the house like the true pop queen that you are. After you’re done, you can wash your jeans as usual. Hooray!

So, what do you think? Will you try it?

See you soon,

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