Storage box with wooden handle

A boring and somewhat awkward box has been transformed into a lovely and handy storage box.
As a Greek blog, in some cases, English titles are more suitable. Like this construction. It’s clearly a “makeover”.

The backstory :

This backstory is short. Lately, (i.e the last two years!) I’ve been trying to find the best way to organize the materials for my constructions. I found these beautiful bamboo boxes in a store by chance, and they were very cheap.

I didn’t like the handle and when I got home I realized that apart from it being shoddy, it was also very uncomfortable. Each time I grabbed it to open the box, the rubber band was pulled, but the box didn’t open. That’s why I decided to change the handle, replacing this cheap rubber band, with a beautiful wooden knob. In the market, I found exactly the size and shape I wanted.

And this is a perfect idea for such items. By just changing a small detail, we can upgrade a cheap item to a beautiful functional or decorative item.

To make these boxes I used :
  • Bamboo boxes
  • Round wooden knobs
  • Screws for knobs 3 cm high.
  • A drill
  • A screwdriver
  • A pair of scissors

Instructions :
  1. I cut the rubber band of the box I bought using scissors.
  2. Knobs are usually sold with their screws. But in this case, I noticed that the screw sold with the knob was way longer in relation to the thickness of the lid of the box. There are two ways to fix this : If you own a saw, cut the screw to the desired height. If you don’t, like me, then you need screws of the same thickness, with a height of 3 cm.
  3. The lid of the box had a very small hole in relation to the screw of the knob, so I had to drill a bigger one at the same point.
  4. After drilling the hole, I placed the wooden knob and screwed it well with a screwdriver.

Aaaand… You’re done!
Next time you see a relatively beautiful object but a small detail just isn’t doing it for you…think about this article! Maybe you can change it?

See you soon,


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