Pom-pom tights for kids

Let’s start this by saying that, lately I have fallen in love with pom-poms. I look for them everywhere, in different colors and sizes and I use them as decoration wherever I can. In decorative items, Christmas decorations, clothes, hats, tights. I say all this to justify the pom-pom-paranoia that will occure from now on. I warned you.


So in one of my experiments, I thought that a pair of tights full of colored pom-poms would be perfect. I made it, Myrto tried it, she loved it and never took it off, as I was informed later on.
The best part of this lil craft is that, it’s very easy to make, it doesn’t require sewing, you will only need three materials and it will cost you a little less than 7 euros.

You will need :
  • White tights for kids
  • Pom-poms
  • Silicone glue
Instructions :

  1. Choose the pom-pom colors you want
  2. Turn the silicone gun on to warm the glue
  3. Put your hand in the tights so that the material stretches and you can glue the pom-poms more easily
  4. Apply minimal silicone glue on each pom-pom
  5. Glue wherever, on the tights

Continue, until you cover the desired spot of the tights. Let the tights dry and after a while, the little kid for whom you intended these tights is ready to wear them.

Trust me, they will be delighted!

See you soon,

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