Christmas ornaments using wooden embroidery hoop frames

I’ve been trying to find a way to start this article for hours. I’ve been trapped in a circle of typing and erasing everything. The point isn’t if I like Christmas or not, or the fact that this year I decorated the entire house earlier than ever. The point is this ornament that I crafted using a piece of fabric, a basil leaf and a wooden embroidery hoop frame. It’s safe to say that I’m obsessed with it and by the end of the Christmas season I may load my Christmas tree with a bunch of these.

The backstory :

A thing that brings me joy in the little crafts that I do, is finding easy ways to create something beautiful and combine different techniques. I like crafting smart. One day I was looking at the embroidery pieces I have hanging on my wall and I got the idea for this ornament! I visited a local store, bought an embroidery hoop and walked home thrilled to start experimenting. I found one of these little fabrics that I have previously imprinted with flower leaves, as seen in this article, and I started making my ornament. I got so excited with the final result and I uploaded it on Instagram where you seemed to like it too!

You will need :
  • A piece of fabric with a flower or leave imprint. How to imprint it you may ask? Here’s how!
  • An embroidery hoop frame with a screw
  • A pair of scissors
  • Pliers
  • Ribbons

Instructions :

  1. Pick the desired piece of fabric
  2. Place it carefully on the bottom half of the hoop
  3. Place the top half of the hoop (the one with the screw) on top of that and tighten using the pliers

  1. Cut the remaining fabric so that it’s not visible, but not so much that it might slip from the hoop
  2. Take a piece of ribbon or twine (I used red baker’s twine) and create a noose
  3. Cross the edges under the little nail
  4. Form an X shape, as seen in the picture, and tie a knot

  1. Create a bow with a ribbon of your liking
  2. Tie the bow on top of the ornament to hide the screw

Aaaand we’re done!

You can also, imprint any flower or leave you want to hang on your Christmas tree!
You can pick a beautiful Christmasy fabric to fit into your hoop!
You can do anything you want! On your own, or in the company of your loved ones!

I can’t wait to see what YOU crafted!

See you soon,

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