I made a bedside lamp (and you should too!)

As you may have seen as a spoiler on my Instagram account, we have over-renewed our bedroom in the most magical way. In this article, I share with you an easy and cheap way to make…your own bedside lamp.

The backstory :

Our bedroom isn’t done yet, because there are still some crafts I want to add left. I look forward to sharing our reno with you, because everything was done with our own two hands. Literally. After finishing some of the more demanding tasks, like painting, installing new curtains etc. we sat and admired the result (!) and I said to Spyros:

– “Beautiful. huh? And everything is handmade!”
-“What is handmade?” Spyros answered, with his usual unbothered tone that drives me nuts

That’s when I, with great enthusiasm, began to count all the crafts I had made for the room. The wall, the curtains, the pillowcases, the shelves, the bedside lamps.

“What else do you want?”

The backstory of the bedside lamps :

When we were making our moodboard and brainstorming on decor, the most difficult part was figuring out the bedside lamps. We wanted something atmospheric and stylish. And the truth is we found many options, but everything was too expensive. The contenders were lamps that costed 98, 169 and 199 euros in order of appearance :

Thanks…but no, thanks!

So, I thought I would buy a plain lamp stand, fiddle around and choose a beautiful light bulb. Behold! And do you know how much it cost? Around 25 euros each!

How I made the bedside lamps :

I used :

  • A ceramic table lamp base like this
  • A lamp with coating on half the surface like this
  • Acrylic paint. I used the same eco-friendly color with which we painted the walls of the bedroom.
  • Rope / knitting thread / coarse thread
  • 2 brushes
  • Paper tape
  • A cutter

Instructions :

  1. First, I painted the base of the lamp with this wonderful terracotta color. It was very easy because the base material is ceramic and the paint was quickly absorbed.
  2. I added some paper tape in the lamp, right where the overlay it already had ended.
  3. Then, I painted the top of the lamp with acrylic paint that I had used again on the wall. I had to apply 3 coats of paint.
  4. Using the cutter, I carefully carved out where I had put the paper tape. I did this so that once I remove the paper tape, the color stays intact.
  5. I carefully removed the paper tape.
  6. My lamp was ready! It was time to perfect the lamp, by camouflaging this ugly black wire.
  7. I painted the switch and the socket with a light peach color, using a thin brush.
  8. I used cotton thread in a similar color and wrapped it around the cord. With these two steps, I made my lamp even cuter!


After that, a new issue arose. The atmosphere. We realized that this particular lamp was too strong for our tastes and did not give the bedroom the atmosphere we wanted.

Thus, a new adventurous began, the search for the right lamp. We chose a simple lamp that we found at Paraphernalia, in Athens. This the final form of our bedside lamps :

I thought it was worth showing you the original craft, even if we ended up removing the particular lamp I had painted with my own hands. It doesn’t matter, I will use it somewhere else!

I don’t know if you are thinking of making this very lamp, but I hope you were inspired. As you can see, there’s nothing we can’t tailor to our needs and almost nothing we can’t do ourselves.

See you soon,

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