How to make pom-poms

In this article, you learn how to make fluffy pom-poms using toilet paper rolls.

Pom-poms can be used in many crafts that we will go over in future articles. They can spice up your clothes, your accessories and everything else you can imagine.

On the market, there are pom-pom machines that make the process easier. But if you don’t have such a machine at our disposal, you can use toiler paper rolls. The process is really simple and not at all time consuming.

You will need :
  • Knitting wool, cotton yarn or thick threads
  • 2 toilet paper rolls
  • A pair of scissors
Instructions :
  1. Join the two rollers with your fingers, as seen in the picture

  2. Put the end of the thread between the two rolls to secure it

  3. Start to whirl the thread around the two rolls, as seen in the pictures

  4. Spin around 60-80 times, until you have a thick result as seen in the picture

  5. Cut the end of the thread

  6. Cut a 30 cm long piece of thread This piece will secure the pom-pom we make.

  7. Pull the piece of thread you just cut, throught the point where the two rollers meet and make a loose single knot It should be able to secure the threads, but you should be able to untie it any time.

  8. Using the scissors, cut the thread in the center from one roll, as seen in the picture. Be careful not to cut the cardboard. Hold firmly with the other hand while cutting.

  9. Once you have cut the top, carefully remove the rollers.

  10. Tighten the thread well, forming a double knot.

  11. Cut the other side of the thread (the upper part as shown in the picture)

  12. Using the scissors, trim the thread so that you get a uniform, round and fluffy result.

  13. Regularly check how the pom-pom is progressing with the trimming, and continue or stop.

Tadaaa! The pom-pom is ready!

Try making your own pom-poms and experiment with yarn thicknesses, colors and textures.

See you soon,


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