Wood bead christmas ornaments

In this festive article, I share with you an easy idea for the most elegant wood bead ornamentthat will gracefully adorn your home this holiday season. This ornament is a must-have for every Scandinavianand minimalist décorenthusiast, and what’s even better? It’s 100% natural!

The backstory :

The A Shiny Day headquarters have been in a Christmassy mood for a while now, but just like the rest of the year, we never stop experimenting! Blame it on the sun generously illuminating the room, or Mitsi blessing us with her company, one thing is certain : the creative juices are flowing!

However, since every craft I complete earns a special place in my heart, I take it upon myself to always develop it. Something similar happened here, as I decided to touch on the whole “wooden beads” deal again, to experiment with different geometric shapes and sizes in order to create this quaint ornament that will so gracefully showcase my tree this year.

What’s cool about the beads I used, is that in addition to the variety of shapes and sizes, there was also a variety of colors, since I used some wonderful pink beads that I had previously dyed with avocados. Confusing, huh? Learn more, here!

You will need :
  1. 11 wooden beads (you can use as many as you want, depending on the desired size of your ornament)
  2. A craft wire
  3. Pliers
Instructions :
  1. Cut a piece of wire (80cm long)
  2. Pass it through the wooden beads

After passing all the beads through, repeat. If your wire is thick, then we ignore this step.

  1. With the pliers, join the two ends of the wire and twist them, so that they become one. Make a loop and secure it at the junction of the two beads.

Aaaand… You’re done! The great thing about this ornament, besides it being extremely easy, is that you can create so many different versions of it.

In the photo above, you can see my own experiments. Shown from left to right :

  1. Avocado dyed wooden beads
  2. Alternately, avocado dyed wooden beads and natural beads
  3. Polygonal beads
  4. Avocado dyed wooden beads with cotton pieces of ribbon in between

So, what do you think? Will you try it?

See you soon,

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