Operation Rainbow : Wall Decoration

After 8 months I can proudly say that Operation Rainbow is over. My colorful pictures were framed and became a wonderful and super-colorful wall decoration.

Right now that I’m typing this, I’m smiling from ear to ear because indeed, I am very, very pleased with the result.
And I’m sure, as soon as you see how Operation Rainbow came out, you will refer to your most colorful photos to make it too!

Don’t waste any time, comb throught your hard drives and phone! Look for the color!

Operation Rainbow : What to do :
  1. Rummage through your cell phone, your computer and your 15 hard drives.
  2. Place the photos with the brightest colors in a new folder on your computer or phone. Wherever you see bright red, bright yellow, warm orange or fancy green, keep it.
  3. Look for colors in your daily life, in the city, on a trip, at breakfast or in your cat. Take new photos and put them in the folder.
  4. Don’t cheat! A photo processed with an orange filter doesn’t count as orange. Look for true colors in there, or out there.
  5. Time to make separate folders for each color : Yellow, Orange, Red, Pink, Blueand Green. Put the corresponding photos in each folder. You will come back to add something every time you find a new photo.
  6. Every 10-15 photos we will collect, we print them! I print them in size 8.5 × 6.5 cm.
  7. When we print all the colors, we are ready to make our wall art!

You will need :
  • 42 colorful photos sized 8.5×6.5 cm. I used 5 yellow, 7 orange, 4 red, 6 pink, 1 pink to purple, 1 purple to blue, 10 blue, 8 green. Of course, tests are needed to see which ones suit you best, which color should have more photos, etc.
  • Glue stick
  • A 50×70 frame
  • A white 50×70 cardboard
  • A ruler
Instructions :
  1. On our cardboard, we test combinations with the photos we want to add to the frame.
  2. In total, we will create 7 rows and 6 columns with the photos.
  3. Depending on the gaps we want to leave between the photos (on the x and y axis), the frame around the photos appears, which should be around 4.5-5 cm.
  4. After placing all the photos where we want, make sure the edges are exactly the same distance from the edge of the paper in all places (4.5-5 cm)
  5. Glue the photos one by one, starting with the outside photos to create a solid frame.
  6. Once we have glued all the photos on our cardboard, adjust it into the frame.
  7. Place the frame on the wall or wherever you want!

So, what do you think? Will you also create a rainbow of pictures for a wall of your house?
This way, you will be able to look at the most colorful moments of your life until today, every day!

See you soon,

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