How to decorate a bamboo basket with tassels

Time: 30 minutes | Cost: 11 euros

It is this time of year that we are experimenting with home decoration. We make various changes, alter objects, decorate the rooms that need more care and … bring new plants home! At the moment, 25 little plants live (and thrive) in my house (crazy plant lady alert). I don’t have time to count the plants in the terrace now (!) but they are also thriving. That will be until tomorrow that the infamous snow and frost will begin, I imagine.

One of the beautiful details that we have added lately to the house we live in, are baskets! We have fallen in love with bamboo baskets and we look for them everywhere. The truth is that you can find them relatively easily and in different styles. Most of the time, they’re sold already decorated with various (tacky) elements, but I always enjoy buying “plain” items and decorating them myself.

I did the same with various baskets we already had. And the truth is that we can decorate a bamboo basket with ease: with knitting wool, with tresses with pompoms or by painting it.

I will gradually share with you all the ways in which we can decorate a basket.

Way # 1 :

Making tassels with knitting wool.

You will need :
  • White or beige knitting wool
  • A bamboo basket
  • A pair of scissors
  • Silicone glue
Instructions :

To create the tassels for the basket, cut 12 rows of wool 30 cm long.
Cut another smaller piece of wool. Fold the group of 12 in half and pass the smallest piece as seen in picture 2. Tie tightly with a knot as seen in picture 3.

Cut another piece of wool 10 cm long. Tie a tight knot 2.5 cm under the top of the set, as in Figure 3 and 4.

The tassels are ready! Repeat the same (very easy) process and make a total of 12-13 tassels.

How to glue the tassels on the basket :

Using the silicone gun, glue the tassels in the basket by pressing firmly.
After gluing the first one, leave a gap of 5 cm and glue the next one. Repeat until the basket is covered. If you’d like, you can place them further or closer together.

Once we have glued all the tassels, take a sharp pair of scissors and straighten the tassels by cutting their ends. At this point, you can cut the fringes to any length you want. I cut them to the height where the basket folds (about 13 cm).

The basket is ready!
I am sure that if you try to decorate a simple basket with tassels you will see how easy and beautiful the result is. You can use whatever color palette you prefer, depending on the colors of the room in which the basket will be.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask me! You know where to find me!

See you soon,

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