Easy knitting yarn wall decoration

A few days ago I made this very easy knitting yarn wall decoration.

I really want to share with you how you can create this wall decoration for your house. It will cost you close to nothing and take you less than an hour.

By making this decoration, you can give a warmer hue to a space that you don’t know how to decorate.

You will need :
  • Knitting yarn in three colors : Beige, rotten apple and brown. You can use whatever colors you want, depending on the space in which you will place the decoration.
  • A wooden round bar for constructions like this one.
  • A pair of scissors
  • A saw or cutter to cut the part of the bar that may be left over at the end.
Instructions :
  1. Take the beige knitting yarn and cut 30 pieces, 140 cm long each.
  2. Start with the first piece of beige yarn. Fold the piece in half and place it under the bar as in picture 1.
  3. Take the two ropes and thread them under the loop as in picture 2.
  4. Pull the yarn to fasten the knot as in picture 3.
  5. Bring the yarn from the other side as in picture 4.
  6. From now on, follow the same procedure for the next pieces of yarn.
  7. Create 10 lines with beige yarn (picture 5) and using your fingers bring all the rows close together (picture 6). (So ​​you start with 10 pieces of beige yarn, 140 cm long)
  8. Take the brown knitting yarn and cut 20 pieces, 140 cm long each.
  9. In the same way you knitted the beige yarn, knit 10 rows of brown yarn.
  10. Continue by adding 5 rows of beige yarn, again.
  11. Once you get to this point, start knitting the last color which is rotten apple. Cut 67 pieces of this color 140 cm long each, like the rest.
  12. Pass all 67 pieces as seen in the picture below.
  13. After finishing with this color, repeat the previous pattern with white and brown : Pass 5 rows of beige yarn, 10 rows of brown yarn and 10 rows of beige yarn again.
  14. Your decoration is almost ready! Using your fingers, reduce the gaps between the rows for a result similar to the picture above.
  15. With scissors that cut well, trim the ends of the hair that you tied to the round bar, so that the bottom of the decoration forms a straight line.
  16. Leave a 10 cm margin on each side of the round bar and carefully cut the excess bar pieces, using a saw or a cutter.
How to place it on the wall :

Cut a 90 cm piece of beige knitting yarn and tie the ends right and left, exactly where the knitting yarn you tied to the bar ends. Hang the decoration on the wall using a nail.

Alternatively, we can put two nails on the wall in the same straight line and hang the decoration there, by fixing the round wooden bar.

You can choose whatever colors you want for this easy wall decoration and improvise knitting with different patterns! So what do you think? Will you try it?

See you soon,

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