Decorative yarn throw pillow

As sweaters and socks become all the more necessary, the more I like to turn my house into a warm snuggle cave. Progressively, I start experimenting with yarn, looms and warm materials. One of my favorite pastimes is to create knitted decorations for the house using an improvised loom that I have made. The outcome : beautiful!

I know you are looking forward to seeing how you can create a decoration using an improvised loom and this will be done very, very soon! This isn’t a difficult construction, but it requires your undivided attention. For this very reason I want to convey the instructions as accurately as possible, for the result to be perfect (We don’t accept anything less! Am I right, ladies, gents and non binary friends?). Perhaps a video tutorial would help in the future? *spoiler alert*

Until then, however, I want to share with you an idea as aesthetically pleasing, but way easier. This pillow-type-loom takes the cake for the snuggliest thing I own! It is super easy to make and the process will take around 3-4 hours: the duration of a sunny Saturday morning!

You will need :

  • A monochromatic pillow case (I used a whiteone)
  • A pillow like this one
  • Yarn for felting in different colors
  • Knitting yarn in different colors
  • Already-made pom-poms in various colors or a pom-pom tool
  • Silicone glue or fabric glue
  • A pair of scissors
Instructions :
  1. Before we begin, it’s important to iron your pillowcase, in case it’s creased.
  2. Choose the colors you’ll use to decorate the pillowcase.
  3. To decorate the pillowcase you will need to create various textures and shapes and glue them all on the pillowcase with silicone glue. Here are some textures you can create in no time :


Braid :

You will need many braids for your pillow, in different colors and with different thickness/length depending on the size of the pillow. The pillow I made is 50×50 cm in size and I had to make a total of 13 braids.

  1. Cut 3 yarn into 3 groups of 8-15 strips each.
  2. Join their end with a piece of thread of the same color, as seen in the second picture.
  3. Knit a thick and loose braid.
  4. Tie the other end with a piece of thread, as seen in the fourth picture. Tadaaa! The braid is ready! Make some more in other colors, lengths and thicknesses!
  5. If you prefer a thicker braid, put more strips in each group (step 1)
Curves :

This is the easiest option, and you can make more than once. For the pillow I made, I had to make 5 rows.

  1. Cut 20 strips of yarn, as seen in the first picture.
  2. Depending on the curves you want to create, cut smaller pieces of yarn and place them underneath the 20 strips of yarn at equal distances, as seen in the first picture.
  3. Tie tight knots at each point, thus creating the desired curves.
Fringes :

Fringes will give an interesting texture and intensity to your pillow, for the ultimate boho look. You can use different colors, lengths and thicknesses. How?

  1. Cut a group of strips,10-20 cm long each.
  2. With a piece of the same thread and make a tight knot in the middle of the threads, as seen in the first picture.
  3. Fold in half, seen in the second image.
  4. Cut another piece of thread and make a knot to create the shape shown in the fourth image.
Pom-poms :

I’m in love with pom-poms of all colors and sizes. I like to see them in clothes, in crafts, in hats and why not in a boho pillow? You can make your own pom-poms, using a very useful tool likethe one I use, which is quite inexpensive. If we don’t have one, you can buy already-made pom-poms. I will show you how to make your own pom-poms soon! Είναι πολύ διασκεδαστικό.aIt’s also, a lot of fun. Especially if you’re a cat.

Yarn balls for felting :

With this wonderful material, you can create small or large fluffy balls as decorations to your pillowcase. You just need to “pluck” and mess a bit with the wool to create little balls with our fingers.

Once everything is ready, start arranging them on the pillowcase. Experiment with combinations to see what you like best or if you need to add any more braids or pom-poms.

Once you’re satisfied with the arrangement, start gluing everything on with silicone glue.

Yay! The pillowcase is ready!

Dare I say you will love this idea and want to try it out immediately?

And now that I think about it, this pillow is the perfect gift for someone who recently moved into their new home!

For any questions or if you want to share your beautiful creations with me, do not hesitate to do so in the comments below or just slide in my dms… I won’t mind!

See you soon,


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