Cotton thread Rainbow Decoration

It’s Saturday morning, my cats are fighting and I will share with you how you can make a beautiful rainbow decoration for a kid’s room, or not (!).

If you follow ashinyday on Instagram, you may have come across #ashinydiychallenge. If you don’t follow ashinyday on Instagram and don’t know what I’m talking about, I’ll tell you immediately!

#ashinyDIYchallenge | The backstory :

As I may have mentioned in a previous article, on most of my shopping trips (online or offline), I often find myself thinking “I won’t buy it, I can make it myself”. My friends think the same when it comes to getting me a present. Of course for them, this the furthest thing from optimal, since it becomes impossible for them to find a gift. Can I pitch in an idea? A trip. I haven’t gotten around to building an airplane myself yet. I got a little off topic, where was I? Oh yes! So I thought of giving the floor to you, the readers of At the beginning of each month I will accept your suggestions for the #ashinyDIYchallenge. You will send me a product you saw online or offline, that you can’t afford. I will choose one for each month and try to make it at a lower cost.
* At the end of the article, you will find Instructions for the #ashinyDIYchallenge

For March, I accepted my friend Ritsa’s challenge. Ritsa has found a cotton thread Rainbow decoration that costs around 30 euros. Challenge Accepted!

Cotton thread Rainbow Decoration
You will need :

    • 3 meters of cotton rope (10 mm thick)
    • Cotton yarn in 5 different colors. I chose blue, red, orange, yellow and pastel green.
  • Metal wire (2 mm thick)
  • Adhesive tape
  • A pair of scissors
  • Silicone glue
  • A wire cutter (or pliers with a cutter)
Instructions :

  1. Cut 5 pieces from the thick cotton rope, in the following dimensions :
    From the rainbow’s outer row > 50 cm
    Second row > 48 cm
    Third row > 44 cm
    Fourth row > 40 cm
    Fifth row > 37 cm
    * No need to me that accurate with the measurements, as the ends of the ropes will be covered
  2. Cut 5 pieces of wire, in exactly the same dimensions as the 5 pieces of rope.

  3. Using the adhesive tape, secure the wire to the rope.
  4. With small and gentle movements, shape the ropes using the wire and create the first section of the rainbow.
  5. Start wrapping the colored threads in the ropes. The order I followed from outside in was : blue, red, orange, yellow and pastel green.

  6. At the end of the rope, add a drop of silicone glue and stick the end of the colored thread

  7. Start wrapping using the colored thread carefully, in order to not to leave any gaps.

  8. Once you reach the other end of the rainbow (that sounded very poetic), attach the end of the colored thread with silicone glue.

  9. Achieve the desired curve for your rainbow, by gently pressing the points you want to correct with your hands.

  10. Glue the colored curves together, by applying a tiny bit of silicone between each pair, along the entire length of the curve
Time to make the rainbow fringes / clouds!

  1. Cut 8 pieces of 15 cm rope.
    Make a knot as seen in the pictures, and with your hands loosen the excess rope to untie all the thin threads that make up the rope.

  2. After making the “clouds”, glue them using silicone at both ends of the rainbow. It isn’t necessary to glue them all at the same height! You can improvise, as long as you cover the edges of the rainbow.

  3. Once you have glued all 8 knots / clouds, cut the fringes to the desired height using the scissors. I didn’t cut all of them to the same height. I like it better that way!

  4. With a thin rope, make a loop as in the photo. Apply a thick drop of silicone in the center of the back of the rainbow and stick the loop. This is where you hang the rainbow from. If you want, you can make the loop shorter, so that it’s not visible at all!

Yay! The rainbow decoration is ready! What do you think? Did I complete Ritsa’s challenge?

See you soon,

#ashinyDIYchallenge | How to use :
  1. On the first day of each month, “applications” will open! With an IG story, I will signal to you that you can send me your own challenge NOW
  2. What can you send me? Links, photos or screenshots of the product you want me to make!
  3. The product should visible, and its price should be listed.
  4. I will then choose the challenge of the month.
  5. During the following month, I will try to create the construction and upload it in an article 😉
  6. That’s it!

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