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Natural skin care routine : Secrets for imperfect skin

Did anyone say natural skin care? Did anyone say eco-friendly makeup? These are the three questions I receive on a regular basis in my Instagram dms : What's my skin care routine? What's my makeup routine? Is Avril Lavigne really dead and has she been replaced by a clone? Today I will be answering the first two and maybe we could talk about the Avril Lavigne conspiracy theories some other time! (I really wanted to visualize this article with a pose like this) As you may have guessed, toxins and I don't do very well. Not that there is a person who will...

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Vegan sugar-free carrot pancakes

Today I will share with you, with great pleasure, the recipe for my new obsession : The vegan carrot pancakes that not only are they delicious, but they are also super healthy! No sugar or other sweeteners and low in gluten, they are my last thought at night and my first thought in the morning. The basis for this recipe was created by Niki Martimianaki. Niki is a remarkable nutritionist specializing in therapeutic and sports nutrition and total vegetarianism (vegan), recommended to me by Nikki Hayia, also known as lady papaya. I recently had a session with Niki and I...

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Easy mask chain

Mask chains are very in this season! And probably will be for the next one as well… and the one after that… and so on. It seems that masks are here to stay. At this point, I perceive my mask as an additional accessory. An accessory that unlike other accessories in my collection, can reduce the chances of me and a fellow human being getting sick, when worn CORRECTLY. Of course, no one likes this essential accessory, but because it's a crucial element in combating the virus, we can always find ways to make! Wearing a mask as a pleasant...

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