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How to embroider a kitchen towel in no time

The condition is as follows : Outside is something like 5C to -15C degrees, depending on the region of the world from which you are reading this article. You are freezing and all you want is to snuggle under the duvet with a hot chocolate. I get it. Tomorrow I will share with you the most delicious recipe for homemade hot cocoa. But today my advice is this : Stay home and craft something. And what is more cozy than embroidery? I love embroidery. It's a love that my grandmother passed on to me, who taught me all the secrets of...

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Easy knitting yarn wall decoration

A few days ago I made this very easy knitting yarn wall decoration. I really want to share with you how you can create this wall decoration for your house. It will cost you close to nothing and take you less than an hour. By making this decoration, you can give a warmer hue to a space that you don't know how to decorate. You will need : Knitting yarn in three colors : Beige, rotten apple and brown. You can use whatever colors you want, depending on the space in which you will place the decoration. A wooden round bar for...

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Hair clips in 3 different ways

Hair clips are the cutest and in fashion accessory you can wear lately and in this article you will learn how to make them yourself. The backstory : Several months ago, I started seeing hair clips (or hair barettes) coming back in fashion! Most international fashion brands and magazines incorporated them in their looks. I lusting after them because I love cute details in my style, but it was impossible for me to buy them, because their price was something like 35 euros a pair. That's a bit excessive! So I decided to make them myself! And I have already made...

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