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Natural watercolor paint from…flowers!

Natural watercolor paint! Yes, you  read right! Today is World Art Day and here at A Shiny Day we celebrate it in a handmade and completely naturalistic way! Would you believe me if I told you that you can make the most beautiful red-orange natural watercolor paint at home only from flowers? It's true, and in this article I will show you how! The backstory  Oh how much I love the colors that nature so generously gives us! The more I experiment, the more colors I add to my plant palette. So, the idea for this article didn't require much thought! On...

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Low waste kitchen : Easy swaps I’ve made

Have you ever wondered if our habits in the kitchen can become low waste? Of course they can! In this article I show you how I do it, but also how to do it yourself. From paper towels to cleaning equipment, the kitchen is one of the largest sources of waste in most homes. But who said that should be the rule? By redefining our habits, we can very easily swap conventional convenience products with more sustainable options. Swapping may cost a little more at first, but repeated use of viable options will save you time and money in the long...

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Homemade crunchy granola (no sugar!)

Today I bring you the most delicious recipe for homemade crunchy granola (no sugar!) that will change your life! At least that's what happened to me. I found the original recipe in deliciously ella's app and I swear that it's the best granola I've tried yet. The backstory My search for the granola that will make me look forward to breakfast and sneak into the kitchen to snack on "just a little more" the rest of the day, started a long time ago and by no means was it an easy task. My quest started on the market, where my trials were...

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Hi there, I’m Alexandra! Welcome to, a blog all about creativity and our love for the environment! Here, you can find craft ideas and also, creative and easy ways to reduce your ecological footprint!


Flower press – Preorder

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